Below are some of the most common questions we get:

Is the app secure?

Yes, there is end to end encryption of data. Users need to log in (with username and password) to access app. Also, each user’s information is assigned a unique 12 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). In order to see the information the 12 digit PIN must be entered.

All the latest and most advanced security software (firewalls, brute force and malware) has been installed. Server and software has many layers of security and encryption.

How do I get a 12 digit PIN assigned to me?

If you do not have a PIN then leave box empty and a new unique PIN will be generated for you.

Please enter your Personal ID Number (PIN) in the first box every time you enter and update information!

Note: Your PIN will be entered as default in the top box in all the forms. Use this 12 digit PIN number whenever you enter new data. If you leave this box empty anywhere on the site a new PIN will be assigned to you for that category.

You can also enter someone else’s 12 digit number in a form (if you know it) to update their information.

Why do I need to enter the 12 digit number each time to see data?

We thought about this a lot and weighed the positives and negatives of a user’s information showing up in each category as soon as they log in. There are three reasons that we require user to input 12 digit PIN to see data.

  • another layer of security (data not stored in cache)
  • a randomly assigned 12 digit PIN can be assigned to new person (another family member) if the PIN is left blank
  • a user can log in to app but then they can see another family members information if they have their PIN

How do I see and update a family member’s information?

In each category there is a button on top that says “Click here to see another member’s information” Click on that button and then enter their 12 digit PIN in the box and then click on the search button.

How does the Health Tracker Work?

With the Health Trackers click on Add New Information and when done press submit button on the bottom. Then enter 12 digit PIN below “Enter PIN to see” and click on Search to see how your variables change over time. Add a few scores for different dates and then enter 12 digit PIN in box and search (see example below).

How does the Calculations Work?

Calculations are for your own interest and you can play with the numbers as much as you want. NO scores or values from the calculations are saved!! For example you can adjust the cholesterol levels to see how that affects your chance of a heart attack and age of your heart. You can also adjust levels of (alcohol, smoking etc.) to see how much this might affect your life span.

Is the data entered subject the USA patriot act?

No, the server is not stored in USA and is therefore not subject to the USA patriot act where authorities can request access to your information.


How are the charts interactive?

If you click on labels on the bottom of the chart you can remove some of the variables from the charts to focus on other variables. You can also click on the chart lines to get specific information of each variable at each date.

If you have any further questions you can go to our support page.