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Do you remember when your last tetanus shot was? Do you know your blood type? Bonus question - Do you know your spouse's or parents insurance numbers?
Securely store of all your health information in one place.
Includes health trackers, mental wellness assessments and calculations to predict life expectancy and chance of a heart attack.
My Personal Health Record®
Use our trademarked My Personal Health Record® to store, maintain, track, and manage your health information in one centralized, private, and secure location. Access your personal health records and medical resources any time. Health conditions, contacts, medications, immunizations, allergies, insurance information, lab reports etc.
Health Trackers
Health trackers with interactive and responsive charts keep track of your: height, weight and body composition, cardiac, cholesterol, blood glucose and  hemotology history. make informed decisions about your diet, fitness and overall lifestyle habits. The platform also helps you track your goals and progress.
Mental health assessments, rating scales and questionnaires to access and track your burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma scene, PTSD etc. health and wellness assessment evaluates history, hereditary risks, habits, and more. It will help you understand your personal health risks so you can take control of your health.
Online program has many calculations to predict life expectancy and chance of a heart attack based on: lifestyle and habits, cardiac and cholesterol levels, substance abuse, etc. All based on scientific research and published articles. More online confidential assessments to be added soon!
A secure place for your personal health data.

Easy to use

Very user friendly platform. Easy to use and access on any mobile devices.


Security is our #1 priority. Our platform is end-to-end encrypted, like the military and banks. We use all the latest security software. We are committed to your privacy and the security of your data.


Username and password authentication, plus a 12 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to access information.

Interactive Graphs

Graphs and tables are very interactive. Click on a variable to remove from graph to isolate other variables.

Print Reports

Print hard copy reports from the data entered.

Upload files to your own document library.

Upload lab results into your own documents library. For example: lab reports, x-rays etc.

Browse some screenshoots of the app.


End to end encryption. Like the banks.


Username and password authentication.

12 digit PIN/user

The app allows you to set a login password. Thus you can log out at any time. No one can access the data unless you log in again. We also provided a pin number to enter it if you forgot your password

Increased motivation

Increased awareness to motivate yourself, your clients and/or your employees. This information may provide guidance and motivation for diet modification and improvements to body composition in order to extend your lifespan.

See family member's information

The app is designed so that you may see and update family member's information if they share their 12 digit PIN with you. Electronic health record. Patient history. clinic management app


There are many calculations to estimate the change of a heart attack in the next 10 years, age of heart and life span based lifestyle (alcohol, smoking etc.)


Input different scores to see how your life expectancy is affected by different cholesterol, cardiac, medications and lifestyle habits. The results may surprise you!